A Genesis Poem – by Bobby Parry from Liverpool

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while with updates we’ve been busying away rehearsing new material for this year’s upcoming shows! There’s more regular updates on our FACEBOOK Group if you want to keep in touch with the band.

We were recently sent this by a friend we met at the O2 gig in Liverpool in January, he has composed a poem especially for us using almost every Genesis reference out there! Have a nose and see what you think, we were very touched x

The Carpet Crawlers coming, Academy the place, September 29th, the music will be ace. The lamb lies down on Broadway, the band are in this cage, cos they know what I like, the ripples of old age.

There’s blood on the rooftops, my mama made the call, I know so tell me why, It’s just a shame that’s all.The watcher of the skies, will sing one for the vine, the singer is the duke, his duchess looking fine.

There’s no reply at all, from me and Sarah Jane, I try to keep it dark, for absent friends insane. The afterglow is flaming, I see a burning rope, an undertow is glowing, poor dodo he can’t cope.

The knife cuts out the cancer, all in a mouse’s night, I couldn’t spot the pigeon, tonight, tonight, tonight. Will you follow me, and I will follow you, my home is by the sea, it’s just a job to do.

Entangled in Los Endos, Behind the lines of squonk, there is misunderstanding, Dukes end is on the plonk. So turn it on again, this is my abacab, I’m home alone tonight, guide vocal is so drab.

I’m in the cul-de-sac, man of our times is here, he’s living in the Congo, duke’s travels so unclear. Illegal alien, is here but please don’t ask, get ‘em out by Friday, with fading lights my task.

Now I can’t dance tomorrow, he is no son of mine, hold on my heart for sorrow, the fifth of firth my sign. The musical box is playing, I’m counting out the time, this hairless heart of mine, is sung with words sublime.

I see a silver rainbow, it’s in the waiting room, with colours from ravine, it is a sonic boom. He’s trapped within the rapids, stop dreaming while you sleep, ever since I lost you, my life is in too deep.

Way of the world forever, there is a mad man moon, he’s back in New York City, just like Cuckoo Cocoon. Match of the day is playing, I’m feeling inside out, the eleventh Earl of Mar, wot gorilla needs to shout.

This land of confusion, white mountain stands so tall, the domino is falling, the Brazilian will call. With her invisible touch, she’s throwing it all away, cos anything she does, stagnation it will stay.

In the glow of the night, another record plays, so like it or not, who dunnit? No one says. The lurker is quite shady, deep in the motherlode, he is the man on the corner, where snowbound is his road.

Many too many for me, the cinema show begins, so say it’s alright Joe, the ballad of big sins. Scenes from a night’s dream, the lady lies with me, she is a down and out, the harlequin is free.

After the ordeal is over, in the aisle of plenty, the battle of Epping forest, is seven stones not twenty. Harold the barrel smiling, giant hogweed man, this is my three sides live, the tunes are in the can.

Selling England by the pound, Revelations too, Abacab and Foxtrot, Trespass just for you, Wind and the Wuthering, and then there were three, Nursery Crymes to tell you, with Seconds Out for me.

Three sides Live is awesome, Invisible Touch okay, cos We can’t dance tomorrow, A Trick of the tail today. The lamb lies down on Broadway, The Duke is pretty cool, The way we walk was live, my Genesis Genesis school. This poem is done for Brian, lead singer of the band, The Carpet Crawlers crawling, best tribute in the land!

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