2016 and another year for change.

Hi folks,

Well it’s been another year of personel changes in the Crawlers ranks. It is actually extremely difficult for some of the guys as they are not fully professional musicians for a living so have day jobs, and of course families so the demands of learning and rehearsing for tours to the level that the Crawlers go to can get a bit overwhelming.

As a result of this Jim Faulkner, who has done a stellar job for 5 years has taken a few years out to focus on work and being DAD to his two beautiful toddlers, but is still very much part of the band and more importantly part of OUR family.

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Saleh from my hometown of Liverpool to the band. Daniel was actually a student at LIPA performing Arts school and was taught a few times by Jim Faulkner so that was a nice connection to begin with. Daniel is an extremely versatile guitarist who has performed with The CHRISTIANS on tour. He was a casual fan of Phil Collins and Genesis but now is absolutely becoming a huge fan and loving learning the material.

You may have also noticed we have changed the website ‘look’ as yes we will be switching back to the PHIL era for this year’s tour, it IS only fair after we have performed the PETER era and nothing else but that for the past 3 years.

We were debating on what show to do as there’s so many but decided with this year being the 30th Anniversary of the release of INVISIBLE TOUCH, then we would try and pull off the legendary ‘LIVE AT WEMBLEY’ show with all the hits and drum duets.

Of course, being a CRAWLERS show we will always be adding some surprises to the set as we like to give extra for you guys!

Further shows will be announced in the next coming weeks but our tour will mainly be end of November to the first week of December so hope to see some of you at a show if you can make it.

Feel free to join our mailing list or Facebook Group for regular updates and chats with the band and fellow Genesis lovers,

As always thanks for your continued support,

Brian x

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