Ged Hawksworth

Aged 8 I set up the pots and pans; 3 years later the snare drum was offered during a routine school music session as the 28 keyboards clearly weren’t enough to go around. I began lessons shortly after and, despite being the worst in the class, I was completely hooked and threw myself into the world of drums. I first heard Genesis around 1986 and, like Chris, was sat around a tape recorder as the Wembley show was first broadcast eagerly making sure I didn’t miss much as the tape was turned over (unlike some other famous tape-turners!). If pressed I’d say it was the energy what I found exciting, although if I’m honest the double drumming probably nailed that energy home.
Falling for prog in a big way took me on a journey of discovery, but none more so than this very moment in time as I learn first-hand what an incredible talent the 24 year old Phil Collins was. High backing vocals that took a road less travelled; intricate, jazz-tinged slippery fills, melodic, musical melody on all kinds of percussive oddities. The mans’ talent was immense! …and until now I didn’t fully realise the extent of this. Of course he wasn’t necessarily the bands stand out member either, but he did go on to play on so many influential records and pieces of music that it’s quite mind boggling…and all this before he turned his hand to a different kind of music altogether.
Getting the chance to audition with the Crawlers was a joy in itself; landing the actual job was a bit of a dream come true, especially at my time in life where I had all but given up on music and focused all my energies on being a dad. Playing along to Cinema Show since my late teens has clearly paid off and it’s with this spirit of endeavour that I throw myself at Brian and the Boys get get ready for a huge helping of The Lamb. See you on tour – that’s if I can make it past the drums, cymbals and other trinkets!

I first met Brian aged 17 while playing in a thrash metal band and heavy rock held sway with me for several years before venturing out into pop music, ska & reggae, funk, drum & bass/jungle, hip-hop, classical and of course…prog. My musical endeavours and people who I’ve played with include:

Pete Wiley
Hannah Peel
Former Miss America –
Loka –