It is here!

Well folks after another year of very hard work and a few member changes again we are embarking on our tour.

We are delighted to have Jim Faulkner back playing guitar as Daniel had too many commitments during our tour period but is still very much a member of the band.

We also have Sean Jude from LEAFBLADE with us, Sean is a lifelong friend of mine as we used to be in a band together many years ago and I have spent the past year working on producing, mixing and also playing Bass guitar on the new LEAFBLADE Album ‘The Goddess With Child’ it is a stunning piece of work and should be out on release very soon!

Sean is helping out and coming along for friendship and also may be opening up for us at shows that permit it time wise, with our long set!

We will be performing BOTH the FOXTROT and SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND albums in FULL with added bonus material too so don’t miss us starting tonight in Kings Hall, Stoke and O2 Academy Oxford on Saturday before we head across to Europe.

Hope to see some of you on the road,

Brian x

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Hello again folks, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to 2018?

We had a fabulous year in 2017 and loved touring the INVISIBLE TOUCH show, we had so much fun and again filmed it at our favourite venue DE BOERDERIJ so that should be out later this year.

A few member changes have also happened with the departure of Ged Hawksworth who leaves with our best wishes and thanks for a great couple of years, and also Raymond Pitt who only ever was standing in for the IT shows, but did an absolutely magnificent job on the keys, faultless every night, but we did drag him out of retirement and after two years of hard work he has earned the right to put his feet up, but will always remain ‘A CRAWLER’ 🙂

We are delighted to welcome back, NEIL CARTER our original drummer for this year’s tour and ANDREW KEEGAN our original keys player. It has been so great to have them back in the rehearsal room as they are like family to us and the vibe has been wonderful, with all the old jokes coming out, and the band is sounding better than ever as a result.

We are very excited to be going back to the ‘Peter’ era of the band this year and after two years of Invisible Touch and two years of The LAMB before that, the obvious choice was the ‘really, really, old stuff’ as Phil used to say, and we have titled our show ‘SELLING FOXTROT BY THE POUND’.

We will be performing BOTH of these iconic albums in FULL and as always, giving you guys a bit extra on top of that too! So expect a two hour plus show so make sure you’ve had your Weetabix.

We will be recreating the 1973 stage show with all the costumes for those who haven’t seen us yet, here’s some pics from the last time we toured this stage set…

Watch4 Alec ST AOP Britannia GLive MK Watch

Dates will be announced the coming weeks so please, keep checking back and in the meantime, we are VERY active on our Facebook group with loads of interaction and LIVE streaming videos from our rehearsal rooms, feel free to join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/carpetcrawlers/

Thanks as always for your support and hope to see you this year.

Brian x

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Another year, another tour, another Album and DVD

Hello friends,

As always it’s been such a crazy year but wonderful too!

We are back off on tour in a few weeks across the UK and Europe and extremely excited to be visiting Poland this year as we haven’t been there before. We are also visiting some new Cities in Oxford, Lunen, Fulda, and Stuttgart. It’s always a pleasure meeting new friends and Genesis fans.

We will be performing our ‘INVISIBLE TOUCH’ show again this year and as always we will be adding some surprise BONUS tracks too to keep you on your toes.

Another thing we are very excited about is our new release which comes out at the end of the month, ‘THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON DE BOERDERIJ’ which is our new LIVE Double Album and DVD taken from our LAMB tour of 2015 and filmed at the legendary BOERDERIJ, in ZOETERMEER, HOLLAND.

We are so proud of how it came out and features the FULL album complete with all the original slides and Slipperman and Lamia Costumes, it looks and sounds stunning and we really hope you like it, it will be available from our shop on here in the next few weeks so keep checking back.

We have a few different shows in mind for 2018 but we will keep it to ourselves for now but all we can say is, please spread the word and KEEP GENESIS ALIVE and hopefully see some of you at a show on our forthcoming tour, we always come out after the show to meet our friends, that’s the best part.

See you soon,


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INVISIBLE TOUCH TOUR with Genesis Royalty

Hello folks,

It’s been a massively busy year again and we’ve put so much time and effort into this show, we think you guys will be very pleased.

We have a new Promo Video which was filmed in July at Liverpool O2 Academy one of our favourite venues and we are delighted to announce we have a very special guest coming on tour with us this year.

MIKE KIDSON worked with GENESIS and PHIL COLLINS from 1977, initally starting as crew and eventually becoming Tour Manager. He also worked with BRAND X, KING CRIMSON, UB40, ACDC, ROBERT PLANT, LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHO and PAUL McCARTNEY and now he’s touring with THE CARPET CRAWLERS.

He was very kind to put his name and endorse us on the new video and we hope you guys like it, and share it and most imprortantly, can get to a show this year or next.

Enjoy folks and see you all soon.

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2016 and another year for change.

Hi folks,

Well it’s been another year of personel changes in the Crawlers ranks. It is actually extremely difficult for some of the guys as they are not fully professional musicians for a living so have day jobs, and of course families so the demands of learning and rehearsing for tours to the level that the Crawlers go to can get a bit overwhelming.

As a result of this Jim Faulkner, who has done a stellar job for 5 years has taken a few years out to focus on work and being DAD to his two beautiful toddlers, but is still very much part of the band and more importantly part of OUR family.

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Saleh from my hometown of Liverpool to the band. Daniel was actually a student at LIPA performing Arts school and was taught a few times by Jim Faulkner so that was a nice connection to begin with. Daniel is an extremely versatile guitarist who has performed with The CHRISTIANS on tour. He was a casual fan of Phil Collins and Genesis but now is absolutely becoming a huge fan and loving learning the material.

You may have also noticed we have changed the website ‘look’ as yes we will be switching back to the PHIL era for this year’s tour, it IS only fair after we have performed the PETER era and nothing else but that for the past 3 years.

We were debating on what show to do as there’s so many but decided with this year being the 30th Anniversary of the release of INVISIBLE TOUCH, then we would try and pull off the legendary ‘LIVE AT WEMBLEY’ show with all the hits and drum duets.

Of course, being a CRAWLERS show we will always be adding some surprises to the set as we like to give extra for you guys!

Further shows will be announced in the next coming weeks but our tour will mainly be end of November to the first week of December so hope to see some of you at a show if you can make it.

Feel free to join our mailing list or Facebook Group for regular updates and chats with the band and fellow Genesis lovers,

As always thanks for your continued support,

Brian x

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Newcastle/Sheffield – The weekend that kept on giving! :)

Well we have all just about recovered from a great weekend of gigs,  we met so many great new friends and my word were they loud! Events did seem to try and ruin our weekend though and I will give you more of an insight….

Saturday started with me, Graham my stage manager and Nathan our merch guy and roadie leaving Liverpool in the van loaded up with all the gear at 9am. We actually had a really easy trip up the M6 and across the A69 and into Newcastle. When we got to the venue aparently parking is a nightmare, but James Bay was on there Sunday and the council had coned off parking areas next to the venue for this a day early so… BONUS!!!


We got into the O2 and it was a stunning looking venue, a huge stage and a great sized room with top facilities and really helpful crew there which always make it easier.

Now I’d naturally booked a hotel for the guys and figured as we were in Sheffield the next day and Newcastle playing Chelsea, that rooms might be thin on the ground so I’d booked us into a B&B an hour South near Hartlepool via Booking.com with three months notice. I’ve been getting all the updates from their website and all the obligatory offers for other deals, and with a week to go I called the hotel to confirm the booking and the fact we would be arriving early hours. The telephone number diverted me to the agency that manages the hotel and she assured me that on the day I would be sent an SMS Text message with the access code to get into the building. Well after setting up and being so busy, I was literally putting my ‘Rael’ costume and makeup on 20 minutes before show and realised I’d been sent nothing! I rang Booking.com and after 15 minutes waiting explained that we’d had nothing and the hotel number was going to answerphone! They assured me that they would get hold of them and worst case they would find us alternate accomodation.

So we went on, did the gig and had a fantastic time! The Newcastle audience were up for it from the word GO and we left the stage on a total high! Then, I checked my phone and still….NOTHING! I again called the hotel and got answerphone and waited the usual 15 minutes to speak to Booking.coms advisor who told me she has tried the whole of the North East and everywhere was booked so ‘Can you try and find somewhere?’ , yes that’s right, a company that finds and supplies Hotel Accomodation asking ME to find a hotel that THEY can’t find!

So we’re stuck in the dressing room at 11.30pm Googling to our best ability and calling all the usual websites and companies and in the end after an hour I suggested we just drive towards Sheffield and see if there’s accomodation at a Services on the way. It was the same story there sadly and after two hours of driving round we had to make the decision at 1.30am to drive home to Liverpool and Manchester. We were all exhausted but in good spirits and made our way down the A1 to find it closed at Scotch Corner which forced us across the A66 up and down and round country lanes at 2-3am in the morning (albeit under a beautiful bright moon lol) and to the M6 at Carlisle. We got home at 4.30am and collapsed!

Sunday we had to set off for Sheffield O2 at 11am, and we barely woke up in time but got back in our trusty van and headed across the M62 which seemed pointlessly slowed down for most of the way for an endless line of traffic cones and no workers! Upon getting to Sheffield it just got better! There was a Fun Run in the City and the whole City Centre was closed (with the venue bang in the middle) After driving round for another hour we managed to get within sight of the venue but weren’t allowed to drive to it for at least another 40 minutes taking us close to 3pm now.

Sheffield O2

Sheffield O2 is another stunning venue, but the architects didn’t think it through for touring bands as we could only get around 100 yards from the venue due to bollards, and then had to wheel all our equipment up a 30 degree ramp to get it in. You just HAVE to laugh in these circumstances.

Anyway, we got in and again the staff were great and the venue looked fantastic, although the presales were quite low we opted to keep it in the big room as we want our show and production to be seen this way and the Genesis fans that did turn up again gave us a fantastic night!

Slip sheffSlipper sheffRael sheffWatcher sheff

All in all, it was one of those weekends where you could cry and scream at the time, but in hindsight is bloody hilarious! We all survived and are looking forward to seeing you all at our next show in Cannock Prince of Wales theatre.

Brian x

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It is here,…. it is NOW!

Well folks, we have officially started our 2015 ‘LAMB TOUR’ and what a way to begin in the beautiful venue of The GRAND in Clitheroe.Grand

We had a nice uneventful drive and couldn’t beleive how picturesque the town is, with it’s own Castle and some cracking little teashops where we sampled the local Pies.

Our new drummer Ged was naturally nervous after such little time to learn the mountain of work we had thrown at him, and we were too but after a great soundcheck we were ready. Showtime came and we walked out on stage to an almost full house and once we got rolling all the nerves turned to energy and we stormed through the Lamb with only a few blips. The audience gave us a full standing ovation which was quite overwhelming and we came back out and delivered some more old Genesis classics for a four song encore.

Ged has been a fabulous addition to the band and his accolades from members of the audience afterwards were richly deserved, such lovely people to play to!

Next shows are coming up at the end of the month in Newcastle O2 and Sheffield O2 on September 25th and 26th respectively, we really do hope to see some of you if you can make it, these are BIG rooms to fill but with a stage to match, the show will look stunning! See you there 🙂

Brian x

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Welcome to our new website!

Well folks we finally got round to it and revamped our site and we hope you like it and find it easier to navigate especially on modern phones and tablets etc.

As you may know by know we are returning for a second helping of LAMB this year due to popular demand after last year’s successful tour.

We are excited to be visiting some new areas mainly in the UK getting up to Newcastle, Clitheroe and Sheffield, and are extremely proud to be returning to The Maltings in Farnham where Genesis themselves rehearsed in the early days and wrote a lot of the album ‘Nursery Cryme’ there too.

We also have another personel change as sadly our drummer Neil Carter has hung his sticks up after 9 years of working with the band to focus on family and work commitments and we wish him well and I know a lot of you guys have also sent regards via Facebook.

As a replacement we are delighted to announce Ged Hawksworth to the band, another fellow Scouser! Ged and myself have known each other for many years as we were in rival bands back in the 80s and he has proved a stunning addition to the Crawlers as you will all see on this year’s tour!

Max Hunt is still on keys for the Lamb but Andrew Keegan is still very much part of the band but is enjoying some quality time with his family this year too, we are very lucky to have such great musicians and guys all working this way.

As with last year, we will be performing the LAMB in full complete with the original slide show Genesis themselves used in 1974-5 and all the costumes including a SLIPPERMAN! In true Crawlers style though we won’t just be happy with giving you the LAMB, we will also be performing a selection of Gabriel era classics afterwards too.

As for the Phil era fans, please don’t fret as we plan to do a Phil era show next year to change things about a bit so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks as ever for your support both at the shows and our Facebook page which can be found here…


Hope to see you at a show, you gotta get in to get out…..

Brian TCC x

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