It is here!

Well folks after another year of very hard work and a few member changes again we are embarking on our tour.

We are delighted to have Jim Faulkner back playing guitar as Daniel had too many commitments during our tour period but is still very much a member of the band.

We also have Sean Jude from LEAFBLADE with us, Sean is a lifelong friend of mine as we used to be in a band together many years ago and I have spent the past year working on producing, mixing and also playing Bass guitar on the new LEAFBLADE Album ‘The Goddess With Child’ it is a stunning piece of work and should be out on release very soon!

Sean is helping out and coming along for friendship and also may be opening up for us at shows that permit it time wise, with our long set!

We will be performing BOTH the FOXTROT and SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND albums in FULL with added bonus material too so don’t miss us starting tonight in Kings Hall, Stoke and O2 Academy Oxford on Saturday before we head across to Europe.

Hope to see some of you on the road,

Brian x

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