Amongst my earliest musical memories is seeing the video to Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledge-Hammer’ on the TV, I loved the song and listened intently to Gabriel whenever he came on the radio. Other early musical influences were listening to Holst’s ‘The Planets’, ‘Spinning Wheel’ by Blood Sweat and Tears and lots of Queen! Also around that time came the monolithic presence of Phil Collins but it was some time before I realised both they and Genesis were connected (I was only a nipper!).

I began playing guitar after an expensive skateboarding accident left me in serious need of getting in my dads good books and knowing one of his friends was a classical guitar teacher I asked for lessons. I quickly became infatuated with the instrument and my musical education eventually led me to the door of progressive rock. Despite becoming a huge fan of King Crimson, Frank Zappa and other prog and fusion bands somehow Genesis had passed me by!

Having spent many years working as a professional musician (mainly as a jazz guitarist) the opportunity came up to audition for the Carpet Crawlers. I had been looking to get back into playing prog and as soon as I saw their website and video clips I knew they were very serious about what they do!

I knew from friends who work in tribute bands that its all about getting it as close to the record as possible but playing with the Crawlers for the first time was still a shock to the system, these guys know the music inside out and nail it.

I’m thoroughly enjoying playing with the Carpet Crawlers and discovering all this great music (to coin a phrase) is like being in a sweet shop, I still can’t believe I’ve missed out on it all these years!!


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